Strata Partnering & Services Pty Ltd

Strata Partnering & Services Pty Ltd

Strata for GrownUp’s. Make the right choices for your Buildings future
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PO Box 3396
Redfern, 2016
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We can help. SPS aim is to make disappointing works and services a thing of the past.

SPS provides specific tailored services developed from our obligation-free introductory consultation, to suit the specific needs of Clients immediate and future requirements.

A company formed by two professionals experience in building construction, maintenance and project management including management by committee. SPS offers the expertise to help strata clients with services and issues within their strata community. This could involve building works, mediation, procurement, chair meetings etc and many others.

We commit to working closely with clients to provide the best solutions and provide a single point of contact on all matters. We enable outcomes to arrive at realistic, timely and cost- effective solutions for clients when implemented and managed. These actions generally result in value for money, increased quality, certainty and enforceable warranties. With a ‘no worry comfort’ for our Clients.

We have successfully built a suite of services around a ‘best practice’ approach to high performing Strata. With the new strata laws firmly in force, the importance of good governance, compliance and administration is more important than ever before to protect your high value asset.

We commit to working with our Clients to remove risk’s. We develop innovated ways to resolve the specific issues, needs, queries and concerns. We are conscious of the decisions made in Strata World.

We engage to develop a ‘partnering arrangement’ which allows you to have guidance. We use simple English explanations offering proposed actions for conclusion or to mitigate/reduce the risk.

We aim to provide the best possible direct factual service on matters, without the concern of misconstrued information, or acceptance of promises from vested interested parties.


Unice and Ted

July 2018: My work with SPS has provided me with a variety of option which other companies do not provide. The changes to my work structure have enabled me to concentrate on my core duties whilst allowing SPS to manage the other duties I had to deal with on a daily/weekly basis.

SPS provided me with the following duties chairmanship, procurement and contract checks, adviser to the strata committee’s, drafting by-laws for the owners, and service rendering contractor accounts after checking the completed works.

These additional duties took me away from some core duties (40 AGM’s a year), setting and chasing Levies, SPS gave me back the time to actually attend these and other matters which are part of our core duties.

The arrival of SPS has enabled me to release a load of matters which was not providing the service they deserve. Now with SPS working with us the net effect is a more efficient business for me and increased income and a load of worry taken away and actually resolved.

I have no hesitation in recommending SPS for similar roles with other clients who find themselves deep in the unknown and sinking.


July 2018: Strata Partnering & Services (SPS) has been an invaluable service to our strata committee, providing the expertise and knowledge of the building sector, of which we have little.
All our major maintenance projects and any smaller trades with issues are in the capable hands of SPS who have saved us $$$$.

One of the best decisions our Strata Committee ever made was to employ Strata Partnering& Services Pty Ltd.

Business Category: Building Repairs & Maintenance, Other, Strata Information & Education
Service Area: Sydney - North, Sydney - South/South West, Sydney Central

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